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čelní pohled na budovu

Company LUVE - PLAST, s.r.o. was established in 1997 by Mr. Josef Kopeček and Mr. Vladimír Cuták. Since its foundation, the company is a producer of plastic parts, applicable in the automotive industry, technical industry, food industry, manufacturing and consumer industries. The company is based in former complex Agricultural buildings in Kelčany near Kyjov, where is the complete company background - offices, manufacturing and storage facilities.

boční pohled na budovu

During his more than 15-year tradition, the company acquired a lot of experience in different areas. We cooperate with many partners from different fields of activity. The company has built a strong base for its activities has the resources to implement projects. With high quality and professional working built up a network of stable and satisfied business partners. Is also constantly monitored the trend in the business world to make the company competitive. The company LUVE - PLAST, s.r.o. that fully understands and adapts to these feedback. It is therefore able to react flexibly and effectively to the requirements of the customers.

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Through the use of technology can be molded products of any shape. Weight and dimensions are limited by the use of machinery. The company is aware of this fact, we invest in new technologies and the purchase of new machinery.